• Ultra High Definition Video Wall

    One high configuration computer is connected to a number of monitors that display various images and data concurrently.

  • Leading Edge Vizualizations

    The combination of research data, visualization wall and haptic technology will allow researchers and students to move forward to the next level of experimentation process.

  • State of the Art Facilities

    The facilities available at the VizLab offer state of the art visualization technology to aid in teaching and research. Schedule an event at the VizLab and take advantage of the capabilities of our facilities.

  • Haptic Capabilities

    Technology that takes advantage of a user's sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user. The fairly new technology is gaining widespread acceptance as a key part of virtual reality systems, adding the sense of touch to previously visual-only solutions.

  • High Performance Computing

    A few examples of HPC technologies are the simulation of car crashes for structural design, molecular interaction for new drug design and the airflow over automobiles or airplanes.

VizLab Hours

8am to 5pm, M-F

To use the VizLab for research, please contact the Research Computing Support Group.

To schedule a demo of VizLab tour, please contact Brent League at (210)458-5877.

Lab Policy:
(1) Minimum 24-hour advance notice is required to schedule a demo or VizLab tour.
(2) Two-hour advance confirmation is required to guaranteee your appointment.


The UTSA Advanced Visualization Laboratory (VizLab), managed by the Center for Simulation, Visualization, and Real Time Prediction, allows researchers from all disciplines of art, science and engineering to conduct simulation and visualization research to better understand complex phenomena and translate data into images on large-scale and high resolution visualization walls or other display devices. The laboratory supports UTSA's mission of teaching, research and community engagement and contributes to UTSA's goal to recruit the world's top computational researchers. UTSA faculty who are interested in utilizing the VizLab should contact the College of Engineering or click here.

By focusing on research in health, energy, security, sustainability and human development, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is quickly becoming a national research university. Many of the topics under investigation in these areas require UTSA researchers to interpret massive amounts of data in an easily comprehensible manner.

The VizLab has been funded by the National Science Foundation under the Major Research Instrumentation Program. Award Number: 0923468 The Principle Investigator for this project was Dr. Yusheng Feng, and Co-Principal Investigators include: Dr. Ruyan Guo, Dr. Harry Millwater, Dr. Brent Nowak and Dr. Heather Shipley.